Laura Secord No Sugar Added Chocolates

As a part of our weekly effort to eat and live healthy, while grocery shopping for our cooking, my husband and I regularly pass a Laura Secord counter.

All the wonderful and healthy dishes that we cook on a weekly basis and which constitute the overwhelming bulk of what we eat, are not the subject of this blog. The subject of this blog is my/our dealing with the cravings for foods that – as a diabetic – I can’t eat any more: sweets, white bread (or anything with white flour), pasta, potatoes, rice (I love sushi too), etc.

One Saturday I had the inspiration to inquire about sugar free chocolates at this Laura Secord counter. They offer no sugar added (NAS) chocolate bars as well as showcase chocolates (bonbons sold piece by piece). Chocolates that come in a packaging, have nutritional information printed on them, but nothing like that for the showcase chocolates. Sooo… I emailed them. See further down the information I received from the customer service representative of Laura Secord.

Spoiler: these chocolates are made with maltitol, another sugar alcohol, but with a glycemic index much higher then xylitol or erythritol. Considering the higher glycemic index as well the number of grams (6 grams of carbohydrate is 10% of the max. 60 g carbs recommended per meal) the best approach for us is to eat no more then 1 piece at a time. Moderation is the key, exercise helps! If you swim 1000 meters or walk fast for 45 minutes, you may decide to reward yourself with an extra piece of delicious chocolate.

The showcase chocolate nutrition label is very similar for all six available flavors: milk raspberry, dark raspberry, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, hazelnut and peanut butter.


I didn’t receive ingredient list for these showcase chocolates, but I did receive ingredient list for the No Sugar Added Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate 40 g bars, which must be, no doubt, quite similar to the showcase chocolate ingredient list, if we disregard the flavoring.

Ingredients : Maltitol, cocoa butter, milk ingredients, chocolate liquor, soy lecithin, vanilla extract.

Allergens alert : May contain tree nuts and wheat.

Last but not least: please always conduct your own research on these matters. What works for me may not work for you. Good luck to all and keep your glucose levels down!

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