A Transylvanian Classic

ingredients 1

In general, I like to focus on items that I found in stores and which are good alternatives for diabetics: flour, pasta and sugar replacements, etc.. I don’t provide recipes unless they tie in with an ingredient I am exploring.
However, I can’t resist this one, as it’s such a classic in Transylvania and this is the first time I found the main ingredient in a farmer’s market in Canada. I am talking about the big, long, green squash in the photo above. After some investigation on the internet, it seems to be a subspecies of Curcubita pepa, but at the farmer’s market it is not sold under any particular name. It looks like an overgrown green zucchini, and my husband says it is zucchini, because his father used to have it in his garden. The skin is very hard and it needs to be peeled. The seeds are big and they have to be removed just like you would do with a pumpkin or butternut squash.
The Transylvanian classic I love is made with the peeled, seeded, cubed squash. The ingredients are like in the photo above. The onions are chopped and lightly sauteed in oil (of your preference, but I recommend high smoke point oils for anything you heat). Add the cubed squash and, lastly, the peeled and cubed tomatoes. Season with salt, pepper and fresh green dill.

In this particular case, I also had some summer zucchini left over from another dish, so I threw those in as well – sure, the texture is different, but it adds to the color.
You can serve this dish with eggs sunny side up or with French toast.


Good luck to All and keep your glucose levels down!

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