Buckwheat bread

BWbread fin

As I have mentioned in my previous post, Buckwheat [Experimental] Tiramisu, buckwheat is not a wheat at all. That’s good news if you like to start the day with a sandwich (instead of cereals) or if you are a soup-and-sandwich gal. You can keep your wheat and eat your sandwich too… if you make it with buckwheat bread. This is one of my alternatives to what I am not allowed anymore as a diabetic. As my new mantra says: don’t believe me, do your own research, try it, measure its effect on your blood sugar and decide for yourself.


I get my buckwheat bread at the bakery La Mie Bio in Pointe-Claire village. Here’s the ingredients list Mme Lucie – the owner – got from her supplier: water, olive oil, sea salt and sprouted buckwheat flour.

The buckwheat bread has a lovely flavor and a good texture when fresh. By the third day – I buy it twice a week – it tends to become dry, so sometimes I slice it and freeze it to preserve freshness. Works well for toasts!

Good luck to All and keep your glucose levels down!



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