Beans are My Best Friends [Forever]!


I used to shun beans! Mostly for their numogenic* quality. However, seeing how they are good for me – some say it’s the “diabetes super-food” on account of the resistant starches and low glycemic index –  I turned them into my Best Friends [Forever].

My favorite bean dishes are the salads. The main ingredients are always a can of red beans (can’t have enough of the gorgeous color) and a can of chickpeas. Everything else varies.

In one version the other ingredients are bell peppers, yellow and orange for the color contrast, green onions and the dressing (vinegar, mustard, garlic, olive oil, fresh parsley, cumin, etc.). In another version the salad has yellow string beans (blanched), finely chopped onions and feta cheese. And the dressing of course. This latter variation started with a recipe by chef Ricardo and it became my husband’s “specialty”.

Varying the ingredients, the dressing and the general seasoning, anyone can can find at least one appealing version of the bean salad, our new BFF.

Good luck to All and keep your glucose levels down!


* numogenic  is a word created by my husband and it means something to do with gases… I leave it to You All to figure out the rest of the meaning.

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