Where did the [Mashed] Potatoes Go?


You’ve heard!… no more potatoes either! Or at least in vastly reduced quantities.

So where did the mashed potatoes go? They have morphed.

My version of mashed potatoes contains maximum 25% of potatoes and sometimes none at all. Ingredients I use instead: celeriac, turnips, sweet potatoes, Caribbean sweet potatoes, squash of different kinds, occasionally beets (makes a lovely mash color for a Valentine Day dinner). Every time I cook this mash, the proportions are different and so it’s never boring. Cauliflowers are also an option, although personally I prefer cauliflowers as a different side dish.

If you’ve ever cooked mashed potatoes, then you will know how to cook this mix as well. Same procedure, add butter and seasoning to taste. And, by the way, nobody said it’s calorie free! My main endeavor with these food experiments is to eat food with low glycemic index and low glycemic load.

As always: please carry out your own experiments and decide for yourself!

Good luck to All and keep your glucose levels down!

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