“A Kék Csodatorta”


The Blue Fairy Cake got its inspiration from the Hungarian children’s musical “A Kék Csodatorta” by Bea Muszty and András Dobay. (Hungarian speakers can find more info and the music at the link http://www.musztydobay.hu/mese_placebo.html)

I made this Blue Fairy Cake for my daughter’s birthday – who by the way is way past the age when this cake was up her alley, but we reminisced about childhood favorites just the other day and it hit me that I should have done this a long time ago.

My inspiration for the base was a Hungarian poppy seed cake, adjusted to a diabetic’s needs. The method is similar to the way a sponge cake base is made.

Cake base ingredients:

  • 10 eggs
  • 200 g xylitol (powdered in the coffee grinder)
  • 300 g poppy seeds (ground in the coffee grinder)
  • 225 g butter (1/2 lb)
  • Vanilla extract


  • Heat the oven to 185 degrees Celsius convection.
  • Whip the yolks with half of the xylitol using an electric hand-mixer and add the vanilla extract
  • Whip the egg whites with the balance of xylitol
  • Fold gently the poppies and melted butter into the egg yolk mix, then fold in the egg-whites.
  • Bake in two shallow pans for 35-40 minutes – don’t open the oven till almost the end!

The reason for using two pans is that I find it easier to create two separate layers as opposed to using a classic spring form and then having to cut the base in two.

The icing was my go-to mascarpone icing: mascarpone whipped together with xylitol (to taste) and whipping cream, with some real vanilla bean chopped very fine and (for the color-kick) blue food colorant.

The base layers were sprinkled with the juice of home made sour-cherry preserve mixed with white rhum. The bottom layer was slathered with home made apricot jam (with xylitol replacing sugar).

Good luck to All and keep your glucose levels down!

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