[Suzie’s] Good Fats


A few days ago, my artist friend visited. We had spelt croissants, strawberries and whipped cream (with xylitol instead of sugar) and I was expounding on my new and old findings in the domain of diabetic nutrition. I had her taste one of my favorite new snack bars, Good Fats, previously marketed as Susie’s Good Fats, but she couldn’t get the second bite down…

Was it the sequence in which she ate – snack bar after the pastry with fruit – or are Good Fats just an acquired taste? I only know that both my daughter and I like them and that they already helped us both on many occasions while out of the house or traveling – or when I had forgotten my before-exercise-snack, which I have been told I shouldn’t, so that my glucose level doesn’t go too low either (as that is also not good for diabetics).

These snack bars come in a number of flavors, containing mostly nuts of some kind: peanuts, almonds, coconuts, etc., lot of fiber and very little sugar. More about them on the site http://www.lovegoodfats.ca. Go Suzie, go! I will keep trying all your new flavors!


Good luck to All and keep your glucose levels down!



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