The Snack “Study”

We all know the state of being peckish, when we crave something, but not exactly sure what. If you have enough time on your hands, than you can whip up something low carb. If not, these little snacks are an option, not always ideal, but good for the soul…

As usual, I will post the picture of the packaging, all sides in high resolution, so that the nutritional and all other information on the package will be legible. If you don’t seem to be able to zoom in, please right-click on the picture(s) and save them to your computer. Double-clicking on the picture saved to your computer, the software will allow you to zoom in and thus you will be able to read the text on the package.

Parsnip chips

These parsnip chips are quite delicious, a healthier alternative – in my personal view – to potato chips, but even so, you need to practice portion control (most of things unfortunately do need it), therefore please always-always check the carbohydrate content on the label.

As usual, I must add, please don’t take my word as the final and immutable truth! Always conduct your own research and draw your own conclusions. This is my choice under the circumstances, but you might be able to find even better alternatives. Please share your findings in the comments section.

My personal favorite and a better option in terms of carbohydrate content is the Mooncheese snack. It is produced in different flavors: cheddar, gouda, and several others and it is made 100 % out of cheese. The snack looks like a bunch of pebbles, little pieces of dry and crunchy cheese with air bubbles inside. Cheese is processed with a special method, which I wish I could reproduce in my own kitchen, because these snacks are delicious, but also on the expensive side of snacks – all the while being extremely addictive.

Moon Cheese

Air Cheese, another brand of the same style cheese snack, has the gouda and cheddar flavors as well, plus some flavored varieties of themselves, all of them being presented on their website.

Air Cheese – front of packaging
Air Cheese – back side with nutritional information

With the risk of repeating what others have stated innumerable times: nuts, nut mixes are a good idea because of the low carbohydrate as well as good fat content. See below my tasty new acquisition. So many brands, so many combinations to taste! In fact, I am munching on them as I type. This variety has raisins and dried cranberries added to the mix, and although I like them, I am avoiding them, because their sugar content is high.

Sweet snacks

While better for us than regular sweet cookies, the Russel Stovers’s carbohydrate content – in spite of the fact that they are made with maltitol (sugar alcohol) and stevia – is still very high (9 g/piece), so eat only one piece at a time. One piece will not fill you but you will experience the satisfactory sweetness – if you are a sweet-tooth. Chew slowly, make it last!

Russel Stover cookies, a not entirely guilt-free pleasure
Russel Stover – nutritional information

Last but not least I would like to introduce a sugar free apple snack with a word of caution: again, in spite of the fact that there is no sugar added, it is still high in carbohydrate content. It is best eaten at times when your blood glucose is likely to be low, but you are not likely to have a proper meal just yet, for example after exercise, swim, etc.

I hope all this information will be of help.

Good luck to All and keep your glucose levels down!

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